Sustainable Colorado
Introducing Sustainable Colorado

Introducing Sustainable Colorado

January 26, 2020

In this introductory episode, Xerxes and Lilly will discuss who they are, what sustainability means to them, and what motivated them to put their conversations into podcast form in order to ‘talk the walk’. 

Xerxes Steirer is a Research Assistant Professor at the Colorado School of Mines with a focus on energy, renewables and in particular clean energy technology. In 2016, he started the Edgewater Library Sustainability Seminar Series as a way to bring more information to our community. 

Lilly Steirer is a local food chef and Cooking Instructor for Slow Food Denver. In 2019, she was the Chair of Edgewater’s Sustainability Committee which created the first Sustainability Plan for the city that was approved by City Council. She will be continuing on with the newly formed Edgewater Sustainability Board in 2020. 

This show also talks about this married couple’s first date 15 years ago and how their conversations were often about sustainability. They will give a sneak peek of their family’s commitment to making 2020 a Zero Waste year as well as a glance back at their Local Food Year. 

Much of this podcast series will be between them, but in the future there will be interviews with neighbors, experts and friends who help shape their sustainable journey and who have contributed their own efforts to our world. Please note that there will be occasional guest appearances by one or more of their pets or you will hear giggles or interruptions from their young children. This is a low-production show, where you will get the full experience of our lives one podcast episode at a time. 

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