Sustainable Colorado

Quarantine Day 13

March 29, 2020

Two weeks into our social distancing, we talk about the details of our current situation and what we are witnessing in Colorado and in our local community. Like so many our lives have gone online even more as we connect with friends, family, and work. 

As we consider the 6 R’s, refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, rot and remember, we are facing some challenges purchasing in zero waste ways, but we have also been dramatically shopping less. Of the 6 R’s, the one that feels most profound for us is: remember. We did the previous show on Victory Gardens as we personally felt that this is perfect time to connect to the earth and grow your own food. Beyond our garden show, we have been getting emails, texts, and phone calls from dear people in our lives asking for tips and strategies around living a more homesteading-style life. We are grateful for these calls, their efforts, and we are eager to be a place of support for our listeners as well as our community. 

What does it mean to remember what happened in our world in the past when families relied on the food they grew or created themselves. During this time, what does it mean to create your own food system or at least try as we do. 

We also call upon you to do your civic duty by paying attention to how are government is working on and through this crisis. The EPA recently rolled back mandates about air pollution and we discuss our disappointment in this, but also our determination to make sure that as all of us need to turn our focus to the COVID-19 that we can still pay attention. 

The impact of this coronavirus time is yet to be determined, but we discuss what we hope and what we are already seeing that is bringing a sense of joy and community. 

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Overnight Belgian Sourdough Waffles  

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