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Pros and Cons of The Pandemic for Sustainability

May 5, 2020

As we explore our social media, we have been hearing: 

  • It is too early to talk about climate change while this pandemic is going on? 
  • What if climate change had the marketing campaign that COVID does? 
  • The earth is healing now that humans have been put in a time out. 
  • Dolphins are now back in the Venice Canals! (Or… are they?)

Lilly and Xerxes are bringing it together in a discussion where we highlight what is working in the earth’s favor during this time and what is not. We consider that this pandemic and climate change are not in competition with each other, rather there are lessons happening during COVID that could very well point us in the direction of what needs to happen next in sustainability. 

A few highlights: 

  • How air quality and pollution are being affected.
  • Our broken food system and what it means to create your own
  • A new world of consumption
  • The importance of essential workers as we are given a new lens to view the true backbone of our country. 

We discuss simplicity, how life may feel simpler these days, and how this newfound exploration for many is inherently sustainable. From online learning to saving college costs, there is a lot of opportunity amidst the chaos. 

Please share this episode with your friends and family! Also, we are eager to hear about your own experiences in sustainability during COVID. Please contact us at XLsustainablecoloradoATgmail or our Instagram page: ATsustainablecolorado

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