Sustainable Colorado

Our Local Food Year

June 1, 2020

Four years ago, on June 1st, 2016 our family started a year long adventure to only eat food that came from Colorado. At the end of that year, Lee Stiffler-Meyer interviewed Lilly on their podcast the Reimagined Table about it. 

To celebrate this anniversary, we listened together to that interview and responded afterwards with our thoughts about how things may have changed since then and what our food looks like today. We also review how it affects and encourages our current challenge of our Zero Waste Year. 

Listening to this past interview, inspired us to return to some of the ways that we cooked, sourced, and experienced local food during that year. Our hope is that it encourages you to further consider the source of your food system, to get excited to create your food system, and finally to dive deeper into whatever challenge to better yourself that you are taking on currently.

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