Sustainable Colorado

January Zero Waste Update

March 1, 2020

With our first update about our zero waste year after we finally started our efforts, we will talk about what worked, what didn’t, and how we are feeling. It is all about facing insecurities and the awkwardness of what it means to live counter-culture, while still being polite and kind in our community. Tricky!  

Dipping our toes into that first R: “refusing” has led to interesting conversations with strangers. It also makes us realize the importance of remembering. 

The new Zero Market arrived in our city- you will hear our enthusiasm for that as well as the Edgewater Public Market. 

There was at least one big flop for us, where we failed to remember our plates and silverware. This meant we had to compromise our zero waste challenge or relationships with colleagues. Listen to find out what happened, what we did, and what we plan to do differently next time. Even though it was a failure, we are taking it on as a big lesson.  

Overall, we are getting used to this new lifestyle, which includes several moments that cause us to pause and reflect. We are humbled, but eager to keep going. 

Every month, we plan to share a show about what is happening with this adventure. During these monthly chats we will review: 

The 5 R’s

What is working 

What is challenging us or not working well 

Stay tuned for February’s update that will be arriving sooner rather than later! 

If you ever have any questions, do not hesitate to message us through Instagram: @sustainablecolorado 

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